Web Hosting Services

Providing Affordable Web Design and Hosting Services with the Application of Latest Tools and Technologies

A web hosting company plays a very pivotal role in the proper utilisation of the resources and showcasing of a site to the online world. At Ferrowtech we provide our customers affordable web design and hosting services for achieving success in their e-commerce businesses. Apart from this we also do SEO for your website if you require. Different websites have different hosting requirements, and we have hosting plans tailored for every situation. Various packages are available to fit the budgetary capabilities of diverse customers, varying in their ambits of service provided. Irrespective of the price of the package, our customer service is always present to help you in case of any issues.

We provide our customers maximum leverage to control their accounts by providing access to the control panels. You can also view the important statistics for your website in order to estimate the progress that is being achieved during the course of the project. You would also be delighted to hear that our hosting services provision does not end as soon as your entire payment has been made. All our valued customers of our web hosting services will continue to have access to the different support tools like telephonic support, online-ticketing system, live chat portal, comprehensive FAQ section, etc.  If you need help with your shared web hosting packages you can also book a time that would be entirely devoted to you.

Our hosting packages also contain facilities like Zend Optimiser, MySQL / PHP support, access to libraries like Gdlib, PDFlib, etc.  We would also provide you assistance in setting up of your domain.  Choosing a proper domain name having the appropriate extension is very crucial and we provide you guidance in that.  Our constant endeavour is to provide affordable web design and hosting services to our esteemed clients in spite of using the latest cutting-edge technologies.  Big companies having their large database driven websites require enhanced hosting services. We also have dedicated web hosting facility for such companies with a basic level of server configuration. If you feel the need to know more about advanced server management facilities being provided by us then you can feel free to contact us anytime.

From our experience we have realised the necessity to provide personalised hosting services catering to the needs of the website and the webmasters.  If you can clearly identify your exact business vertical, the task of domain name selection becomes that much easier. The domain extensions are indicators of your business purpose. For instance, a .biz extension would signify a business organisation, while if you have your own educational website then the domain name should end with .edu .  Again many big corporations want to specifically project the country for which the site has been made. For that there are appropriate extensions. You can easily consult us on these aspects if you feel unsure about what your business demands are.

There are methods available which allow Linux-based scripts to run on Windows server and vice-versa. However it is always recommended that you run scripts with compatible operating systems. We provide both Linux as well as Windows based web hosting services depending upon how you intend to build your site.  Our servers are always up and functioning nearly all the time. If still any technical glitches develop, our competent technical team is always alert to sort those within the shortest possible time.  It is important that you choose a server with an uptime of close to 100 % as business on the internet cannot afford to wait even for a single second. Hence if you are considering getting assistance for any affordable web design and hosting services, then it is worth giving us a try.

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