Web Hosting

If you want to avail web hosting services then you can certainly consider the features that we offer. We understand the importance of reliability and consistency in this era of cut-throat competition. Hence our servers guarantee an uptime close to 100%. Your site always needs to be up and running as there is no specific time for an online visitor to visit your site. We provide you with adequate bandwidth and server space to ensure that you get the maximum leverage from your website facilities.

In case of any untoward technical glitches occurring in our servers (though that is highly unlikely to happen), our technical team is ever vigilant to fix the issue within the shortest possible time. There are various unique requirements and distinctive features of different websites and hence our web hosting support gives you the maximum scope to utilize and implement those features. Giving access of control panel to the webmasters is another important feature of our web hosting. We believe is giving the webmasters the maximum facility to deal and check out their website details. At Ferrowtech, three fantastic packages are provided for shared hosting facility. Depending upon your requirements you can choose your appropriate package. Based upon the aspects of varying disk size, email accounts and bandwidth our packages have been determined into 3 categories.

The POWER package is ideal for small businesses or for individuals looking to make their early presence on the internet. The BUSINESS package is made ready for launching of e-commerce sites and additional features for blogging and database are also provided. The UNLIMITED package is the appropriate solution for established businesses as it provides the maximum leverage in terms of unrestricted bandwidth and disk space. There is an entire gamut of tools and facilities provided for your benefit too. Additionally, you also get the 1 month money-back guarantee just to feel satisfied with our service.

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