SEO Software

SEO software

Webmaster Benefits
Gather all of your SEO information in one place. SERPs, PageRank, Pages in main and supplemental index, back links, Twitter mentions, social bookmarking, on page analysis and more.
Save precious time by automating your SEO process.
Watch your SEO details from any platform including Windows, Mac or Cell phone.
Track your positions in search engines over time and see what works and what doesn’t

SEO Professional Benefits
Show your clients how your work effected their rankings. Provide them with online and offline reports, and show them how well their rankings have progressed.
Automate the process of SEO tracking and reporting and save valuable time.
Store all of your clients’ SEO information in one single place. Provide your clients with online access to their data.
Support is amazing! Get any issue resolved within a few hours.

SheerSEO Software Features
SERPs tracking (rank tracking) software for Google,Yahoo and Bing.
Historical graphs for all information tracked.
Semi automated directory submission software.
Backlinks analysis. Including link text, PR, meta tags, number of outbound links and nofollow.
Guard valuable backlinks and get immediate alerts if they are being modified/dropped.
Monitor status on social bookmarking sites and Twitter.

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