SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy- Embarking on A Well-planned Strategy with Proven SEO Techniques

If you are serious about optimizing your website, then you definitely need to chalk out a comprehensive and planned SEO strategy. If you have a website which you feel has amazing content and your company is providing services which very few others are capable of delivering, then you must ensure that the website falls under the notice of the web traffic. For that purpose SEO (search engine optimization) is imperative and increased visibility will actually give you the desired ROI (Return on Investment). It is important to know beforehand that there are two kinds of listings in the context of search engines. One is the paid links and the other is the natural/organic links. For the paid links money is invested and they are not really the concern of website optimization companies (search engine optimization service providers).

The search engine spiders crawl a website and based upon various parameters give a score to each website. Relevance of content, frequency / density of relevant keywords used, placement of inward links, site architecture, all have a role to play. Hence the SEO techniques which would be implemented also need to address all these aspects. It is extremely crucial that an effective SEO strategy is in place even before the project is started. The three very important techniques which ought to be mentioned straightaway are writing keyword-rich relevant content keeping the target audience in mind, analyzing, identifying and using the most lucrative keywords, and overall website design, navigability and layout. Apart from these SEO techniques, strategic positioning of images and content is also important. The website needs to download easily and the site should be user-friendly with the links being easy to follow and spot. Following link exchange programs ethically and diligently can also help you to get a higher Google Page Rank.

In this context it needs to be mentioned that SEO techniques can be categorized under two forms. They are:

1. White hat SEO – Here legitimate and ethical techniques are followed according to the search engine rules resulting in relevant and high-quality content.

2. Black hat SEO – These SEO techniques aim to achieve quick results by fooling the search engines by techniques like keyword stuffing ( forcibly overusing keywords), page cloaking( showing different versions of the web pages to search engines and online visitors), link farming ( presence of excessive  internal links which interconnect amongst themselves), hidden text,  etc. Although these unscrupulous SEO techniques can produce short term increase/hike in traffic, these sites in the long run definitely get weeded out or in the worst case, banned totally.

Hence if you are genuinely looking to stay in the domain of search engine marketing for a long time, Black hat SEO techniques are a strict no-no. Abiding by the rules of the search engines will ultimately reap the benefits in the long run if patiently and consistently followed.

Hence try to follow these time-tested and proven SEO techniques if you really want your website to make its presence felt in the online arena.

1. Good and relevant high-quality content- This is the main mantra to be followed in any SEO campaign. If your website’s content is relevant to the keywords that are used by the visitors and provide value to the readers, search engines would invariably assign a higher rank to your web page. More sites would also be interested to link with your web pages thereby enhancing your ranking position even further.

2. Extensive research and proper usage of keywords- Just think from the visitors’ perspective and try to identify the keywords that they are mostly likely to type in to reach your website. Place the keywords intelligently at the appropriate places, like titles, headings, link texts, page URL, alt text, etc.

3. Linking with other relevant sites.

4. Avoiding black hat SEO techniques.

For successfully materializing the SEO strategy presence of competent and experienced people handling the various aspects of SEO are required and webmasters also need to keep themselves updated with the latest developments and innovations in this huge and exciting domain.

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