SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis- Imperative in Any Successful Website Optimization

For any successful campaign involving SEO Analysis, a crucial component which unravels many hidden and complex organic search ranking problems is technical analysis. Any reputed SEO firm before starting with its SEO campaign conducts a full-fledged technical analysis and also an audit of the website crawl. With the aid of the website crawl audit and technical analysis it can be ascertained whether the site has a spider-trap, some portions which cannot be crawled, or any other kind of programming trap. If the trap is existent in a site, then irrespective of the amount of effort put in behind SEO of the site desirable results would not be visible, as the spiders would not be able to detect the SEO-friendly work done.

The aspects that are covered in the technical audit of any website are code analysis, site navigation analysis, checking the ease with which search engine spider can crawl on the site, checking the URLs, presence of XML sitemaps, redirects, etc.  Many people just concentrate on on-page SEO, which is just half of the entire picture. No doubt, work needs to be done on the Meta tags, headings, density of keywords, etc. However the site also needs to be setup properly so that search engines can easily index the website and this is extremely significant. A comprehensive SEO analysis of the entire site is an elaborate process and the details are going to be discussed next.

In a website there are many important components that are present. These include the architecture of the website, the content that is present in the site, current SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions), traffic details from Alexa ranking, and few other parameters. In the technical analysis stage the Alt tags, Body content, Meta tags and Anchor texts are all checked.  Then a plan is devised that can improve the presence of the website. Another very important part of any successful SEO campaign is keyword research and analysis. Choosing appropriate keywords, maintaining the balance of popularity and competiveness, knowing your target audience, are all vitals aspects.  Visitors have their own unique demands and characteristics and hence the keywords that are typed in the search engine box also vary. So a part of SEO analysis would deal with identifying the most frequently used and pertinent keywords for locating your website. Then based upon the competitiveness of the different keywords, separate lists of primary as well as secondary keywords may be made.

The next aspect that is going to be discussed is link popularity. Any good SEO strategy must focus on this aspect too. When one talks about search engines, a name that undoubtedly comes up is Google. Even they have made link popularity a crucial component of their algorithm for conducting searches. Other search engines also follow similar techniques for assigning respective search engine rankings. Hence link-building has to be done strategically by following established and authentic techniques. This would ensure that the website’s ranking position improves, thereby resulting in greater traffic.

Submission of articles to the various directories and subscribing to related personalized communities are also effective strategies to make a website popular. The current period is an era of astounding Internet technologies. Hence SEO analysis is considered to be a vital part of any cost-effective promotional tool for creating and enlarging the volume of quality traffic.  ROI (Return on investment) is a crucial consideration to be made by any business house or organization and an SEO analysis can help a great deal in this regard. For a website to be professionally optimized catering to the international markets, the web pages need to be competently created, the domain name needs to be registered with a top-grade domain existent in the target market and the webhosting service provider needs to be chosen prudently.

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