Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation- An Integral Aspect of Any Successful Web Marketing Pursuit

Search engine optimisation can be considered as a critical component of any web marketing endeavor. Optimisation can be performed at various levels and domains. One can nowadays optimize a website for image searches, vertical searches (industry-specific), or even local searches. An essential part of any SEO service involves understanding the operation and requirements of the various search engines, knowing the most popular keywords which are usually used by the web traffic, etc. Hence content writing and HTML coding have lot of significance in this context. A website needs to properly indexed by the various search engine spiders in order to gain high position in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).  There are certain barriers which are present in the indexing operation of the search engines, and these need to be properly removed.

Sometimes the navigation structure of the site is far from ideal and modifications become necessary in that too. Putting relevant, succinct and useful content is another crucial aspect. The major search engines that are popular and used extensively by people are Google, Altavista, Yahoo, MSN Search, Ask, etc. People from different backgrounds and with their own unique needs (business / personal) use these engines to find out the relevant info and services. Hence these actually act as gateways and all webmasters are aware of this critical fact. However, search engine optimisation is such a huge domain that many people become confused and puzzled regarding the authentic and effective techniques that would guarantee results in the long run. Hence well-informed and intelligent decisions need to be taken in any successful SEO project. Again there are certain unethical techniques which are implemented in SEO (black hat SEO) like keyword stuffing, link farming, etc. These should be avoided at any cost because the search engines are developed enough to find out about these in no time and severely penalize your website with degraded rankings.

Any search engine optimisation campaign can be considered to be an indispensable subset of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). By this method you improve you ranking positions in the organic searches and thereby increase the visibility of your website. The more is the number of online visitors the more is the revenue generated from the visitors who get converted into paying customers. On-site as well as off-site optimisation techniques are both required in any comprehensive SEO strategy. There are numerous activities that are involved in the SEO campaign, some of which are mentioned below:

1. Keyword research / selection – Keywords can be claimed to be the backbone of any successful SEO venture. These are the words or phrases which the web traffic uses to find out your site according to its needs and requirements. Selection of right keywords can sometimes be quite dicey and lot of competence and experience is required in this regard. The selection of right keyword which satisfies the business perspective as well as addresses the aspects of relevance and popularity is a tough ask. Various tools are available which allow you to perform keyword research like Word Tracker, Google Suggest, etc. A competitive analysis also needs to be done to study the keywords which are being effectively used by the competitor websites.

2. On-site optimisation – On-page optimisation as it is also referred to, has the maximum measureable value within the different SEO activities. Tweaking and optimisation of web pages are done to get better positions in the search engine rankings. The important activities performed in this regard are effective usage of the heading tags, alternative text (alt text) addition, image optimisation, and also overall website design optimisation.

3. Off-page optimisation – If you manage to get valuable inward links from reputed websites who are also in your field/domain, then there is nothing like it. Pursuing link exchange programs strategically is an effective method to acquire high Page rank of Google.

However, all the aforementioned activities need to customized and improvised according to the distinctive needs of your business/ company. Achieving high rankings does not happen overnight and search engine optimisation activities need to be performed consistently over a period of time.

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