SEO Report

SEO Report – Keeping A Track of the Optimization Work Being Done on Your Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not really a one- time solution to guarantee you instant results. It is an ongoing and long-term process and for the desirable results to get reflected, constant modifications and improvisations might be necessary. So, in this context a SEO report performs the important task of keeping the client updated about the ongoing work being done on the site and also the latest results regarding rankings and traffic generated. The client might also want to know the reasons for failing to meet the targets in traffic volume from the vendor based upon the latest reports received. He might also want to know the future action plan that is going to be undertaken. Hence clients can gauge the current status of the ongoing SEO campaign from the corresponding SEO report. The various reputed SEO companies keep their clients in the loop and allow their clients to evaluate their pursued efforts with the help of comprehensive reports.

Now if you are the client, there are certain things that you ought to look out for in any good SEO report.

1. The exact work that has been done along with the activities performed need to be categorically mentioned. Properly illustrated reports with detailed graphs and figures that can be easily comprehended should be present. Always ensure that specific timeframes are mentioned    and descriptions regarding the work procedure are not kept too vague. There might be certain details which the SEO specialists would not like to divulge, and that is acceptable. Certain jargons and actions might seem to be incomprehensible and you do not need to be unduly worried about those.

2. Always ensure that concrete steps are mentioned in the action plan that is going to be implemented in the upcoming months. You are investing your hard earned money behind the SEO service provider and hence you need to ensure that proper justice is being done. If you had received a preliminary report prior to project initiation and also have the current report handy, perform a comparison of the data present in the two. This would give you an idea of whether the project is progressing on the right track along with the desired results.  You can compare the previous and present positions of your website in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and also the traffic data relevant to your website. All these would serve as indicators in judging the efficacy of the ongoing SEO project.

3. Apart from all these information a SEO report might cover other aspects and topics. Also certain aspects can reflect the project status better and help you to track the progress better. Sometimes the duration of the ongoing project is too short to provide you any significant changes in the metrics of traffic or ranking. Hence other measurable parameters are then displayed which signify a positive change and the increase in volume of traffic just remains a matter of time before it is achieved. A comprehensive SEO report is also expected to provide info regarding link popularity, recent inward links, density of keywords, etc.

You can also prepare your own SEO report prior to the start of the SEO project. Preparing a comprehensive report for your site will help you to determine the SEO-worthiness of your website. You also need to determine the domains for which you want your reports to be made. You can prepare reports on your title tag, Meta tag, keywords used in content and Meta tags, Meta tag description, content/text of your web page, etc. Nowadays in order to ease your task of generating a useful SEO report many effective tools are available.  Some of them are paid services but many free tools are also available if one searches properly on the internet.

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