Website Promotion Through Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization – Website Promotion

It would be good if we first knew what social media optimization is. This is a technique that is used for marketing a website or products on the internet. They are basically ways that are sued to promote businesses, websites, services offered and products on social media.

There is an association between search engine marketing and social media optimization. The main difference is that the main focus is on transfer of traffic from sources as opposed to that from search engines.

There is also a similarity that exists between viral marketing and social media optimization where by information about something is spread by word of mouth through networks that have been generated online, social bookmarking or videos and photos that have been shared.

The truth is that this type of optimization has just started recently and is slowly gaining popularity. It is a great way in which businesses can create a wide network of potential and existing customers to have knowledge of their products. It all revolves around being creative and being able to capture people’s attention from certain social media and direct them to your website.

One example of social media is Twitter. Twitter is used when people want to update people about what is going on using short messages called ‘tweets.’ The best way to go about this is to have as many people follow you as possible because when you send a tweet, it is displayed on your followers’ pages. So, in case you have a new product out, you can ‘tweet’ about it and it will be marketed on your followers’ pages.

Youtube is another social media that can be used. This is mainly used to post videos or audio files where people can have an option of downloading. Youtube is good as one can be able to make a video about how their products works and people will be able to know about it. You are allowed to put a link back to your site so that those interested can visit it.

Other examples of social media that people can use to direct traffic to their websites are Digg and Flickr. Flickr is an online social media website where people can share and manage their photos with others on the internet. On the other hand, Digg is a website for social news, where people post news and give their views and someone can also put a link if more information is required.

If you want your website to get traffic, you may want to do some social media optimization on it.

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