SEO and SMO by Using Google Buzz

You Can Carry Out SEO and SMO by Using Google Buzz

Google Buzz – as you can read the title, can be used to carry out SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO (social media optimization). Here is how:

–          Indexing: Google cannot ignore any data that comes from Buzz. In fact, logically, it will use Buzz to index new content quickly and easily. Some people have proven that Google indexing becomes easier with links that have been placed on Buzz thus, easy link building.

–          Keyword Research: Google Buzz has a 3rd party search engine under the link You can use this so as to get the popular keywords and keyword phrases. This becomes very crucial especially for SEO. Keyword research is important as you get to know the words and phrases people use to get certain services or products. This will also be necessary for content generation. Also, through the search engine, you can do SMO whereby Google Buzz will find social media sites that it has ranked highly and where you can put some of your links.

–          Link Building: This is something obvious as Google Buzz will not allow for ‘nofollow’, which was a mistake Google had done earlier. This attribute did not work for Google as it has become a bit hard for them to index links of late.

–          Real time search: At the moment, the items that appear on Google Buzz don’t appear in real time but Google is working towards this. This could be one of the main reasons why the Buzz was introduced so as to provide competition for Twitter which has real time results. Thus, if you would like quick real time results, you may want to use the Buzz.

–          Unique Branding: The Google profile you have and Google Buzz are very closely related. It can be described as a ‘double-edged’ sword which you can use to benefit yourself. You should be wise when you use your buzzes, making sure that you only include stuff that is of quality and is interesting to readers. From this, you can uniquely brand yourself through your Google profile. One disadvantage of Twitter is that once a link is posted, it is almost immediately forgotten. On Buzz, whenever someone comments, they are taken to the top again. Thus, if there is something great, it will be seen over and over again.

–          Microblogging: There are people who compare Buzz to the likes of Twitter and Facebook, which can be termed as a rival between Tumblr and Posterous. Buzz is good for those people with quick short comments and leave when you please. So what is the reason for using microblogging? Let us say I have a buzz which ‘hates’ on a certain SEO spammer. The quality of this content is not to be put on any normal/ regular blog; while on the other hand, it becomes too long to be handled as a tweet. Thus, this becomes something ideal for Buzz.

–          Content Generation: This is basically generating content that is relevant to what you are offering to internet users. When it comes to Google Buzz, you can actually carry out ‘content theft’ but is it bad? Well, it’s Google and many people use it so I don’t think so. In fact, one can repost an entire blog post through Google Reader. With Google as the facilitator, one can share the content and still get away without being flagged.

–          Crowd Sourcing: When it comes to twitter, one would have to post and repost tweets over and over again to get people to comment. On the other hand, with Buzz, it will suffice. If there are additions, they are collected as comments. When a new comment is given, it appears on the top of the Google Buzz interface. That is much more convenient than reposting tweets.

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