Website Optimization – explained

Website Optimization in plain English

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of ensuring top organic search rankings for your website in the various search engines. If you own a website and can get it right up there in the first page of Google or Yahoo search, then automatically your website’s visibility increases tremendously. This is what website optimization is basically about. Your potential customers would easily be able to locate your site, enter it and perform transactions if they are sufficiently impressed by your product/service. SEO is really a huge and extensive domain with many intricacies involved. However search engine optimization for dummies would suggest you the basic and fundamental principles that always ought to be followed.

Effective website optimization is an important activity of any web marketing company, however big or small that might be. Statistically it has been found that people on the internet do not have patience to go to the third page of any search results. Hence you can easily understand the significance of being within the initial search results to garner business profits. In order to make your website readable to the search engine spiders certain effective and proven website optimization techniques need to be followed. For a novice the term SEO might sound like a jargon but getting acquainted with the fundamentals is not that tough.

Let us have a look at some of the main steps /techniques implemented in any successful SEO campaign. After that we would be taking a closer look at the concept of linking and link-building. We would also assess its significance in any effective website optimization campaign.

1. Spot the most relevant keywords and use them effectively- Keywords are what people surfing on the internet actually type in the search engine boxes to get their desired results. Keywords reflect a person’s requirements, characteristics, preferences, as well as backgrounds. Hence if your site contains those keywords that are frequently being used by the online traffic your website is going to get displayed more. But it is hard to gauge the keywords which are actually being used, because people often have weird ways of expressing their unique needs and keywords are also typed accordingly. After the keywords have been identified accurately using the various available tools, they need to be properly incorporated in the various components of your website. This is a very important aspect of website optimization.

2. Effective link building- Now we will turn our focus to the important aspect of link building. The importance of link building cannot be underestimated in Google optimization as Google search engine accounts for 70 % of the search queries entered worldwide. While adjudging the rank of a website, search engines consider the number of other relevant sites which actually provide links to that particular website.  Though an easy thumb rule for website optimization would be – more the number of such inward links the better, it is important to have quality links from websites having a good Google Page Rank. Many people resort to unethical practices like link building farms which are harshly dealt by the search engines like Google. Hence it is quality of links which actually matters rather than quantity. Link building is however a time-consuming process in the overall website optimization program.  You have to first identify the websites with which you want to link. Then the requisite link applications need to be created and one needs to wait for the response of those applications. After this you need to process, maneuver and edify the links. It is preferable that the links to your website are not present on your competitor’s website too. These aspects should be kept in mind even before starting with the process of website optimization.

You can also expedite the process of link building by providing high-quality content on your blog or website so that other people proactively want to link with your blog/site. Having affiliate system in place, participating in press releases, providing comments on other people’s blogs on relevant topics, directory submission, are all important features of a successful SEO campaign or website optimization campaign.

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