SEO Chrome Extension (Part I)

Helping webmasters & SEO Analysts to View Comprehensive Data

The SEO Chrome Extension for Google makes it easy for SEO professionals to access the useful SEO tools. These tools assist the webmasters and SEO experts to perform activities like Keyword research, Competitive Analysis, PageRank checks, Backlink check, etc. Nearly 100,000 people across the world use this SEO plug-in, which is the most extensively used SEO extension.  The new features incorporated in this plug-in are given below-

1. Show graphs for traffic.

2. Detection of Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt.

In the SEO tools for Google Chrome the features which were already present were –

a. Tool for keyword research (in its Alpha version).

b. Highlighting of NoFollow links.

c. Number of indexed pages displayed.

d. Number of Backlinks shown.

e. Present traffic data and rankings.

f. Counts for social bookmarks.

g. Capability to display cached versions of a webpage.

h. Domain info like IP, DNS, Server Location, WhoIs shown.

The sources which are currently included are – Alexa Rank,, CoralCDN, Compete Rank, Baidu, Ask, Delicious, Bing, Dmoz, Digg, MajesticSEO, Google PageRank, Quantcast, Open Site Explorer, SEOmoz, SEMRush, StumbleUpon, Linkscape, WebCite, Technorati, Yahoo,and Yandex Quotation Index.

(more information to follow….)

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