SEO Chrome Extension (Part II)

SEO Chrome Extension (Part I) continued

The future features which are expected to be present in Google Chrome Extension are-

1. Assimilation with Google SERPs, similar to SEOBook (extension for Firefox) or SeoQuake.

.2. Side-by-side comparison of ranking-statistics of various websites provided.

3. Keyword Ranking Checker for checking search rankings.

4. On-page keyword analysis.

5. Making keyword research swifter by integration the keyword tool with keyword tool of Google Adwords.

6. Adsense, Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft Adcenter to be all brought together ( PPC integration)

7.  Support for Alpha/Wolfram.

8. Clarity in descriptions to help web developers and designers to easily use the tool.

9.  Integration of Google Analytics.

10. Toolbar for Google Chrome SEO.

11. Allowing SEO add-ons for Google Chrome to enable developers to contribute further plug-ins.

The data available from the external and page signals can be put under 5 different categories- External Page Data, Social Media, Page Elements, Server / Domain Info, Page Terms,Suggestions and also on improving the general SEO-related sites, e.g., Yahoo Site Explorer, Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics.

The purpose of External Page data is to display the domain metrics and links.  Linking is provided to domain and page from Yahoo. Features like SEOmoz links, Page Authority and Domain Authority are present. Links for Alexa popularity along with graphs are present. PageRank and index date of Google along with domain trends are shown. Data from and Dmoz listing are also displayed.

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