Link Building – SEO

Link Building – It’s Importance Revealed!

One of the most important things on about SEO is link building. If you have a link of you website placed on another website, it increases your PR(Page Rank) and Google will view your website as being relevant and thus, your chances of your website appearing among the first searches are increased. If you would like to appear among the top searches, then you should look on how you can generate links pointing back to your site.

The importance of backlinks is that it shows search engines that your sight has relevant content and many people visit your site. The best thing is to be able to have a link pointing to your site from a website that is highly ranked. This makes the search engines think that your site is very important. For example, if there is a link in a website that has been ranked with a PR of 9 pointing to your website, then that has a large impact on searches when they are done. The amount of traffic leading to your website is improved.

How to Build Backlinks

There are several ways of building backlinks. Here are some of the ways:

–          Link Exchange: Here, you get other websites that are within your niche and give them you link as they give you theirs to put on your website. It would be good if you went for highly ranked websites and do the link exchange.

–          Article Marketing: This is a very good and recommended way. This is usually quite simple. All you have to do is to generate content relevant to the niche of your website. There are a number of article directories on the website that have high page ranks. In exchange of allowing them to give you links, you post the content on them. If you are able to write 5 articles and post them on 10 article directories, then you have 50 backlinks to your website.

–          Directory Submission: There are some websites that can allow you to submit your website link. One good example is DMOZ.

–          Social Bookmarking: This is a good way of creating backlinks and thus, quick traffic. Another advantage of this is that if you have interesting content, a buzz is created on other social sites and your information is shared.

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