Google Personal Searches – Tactics You Can Use

Google Personal Search

–          Links should be directed to search results. The best thing would be to link to SERPS that you have ranked as 1. For example, one can start a blog on Google search when a certain query is used.

–          If you have people you can trust, you can request them to enhance you on SearchWiki. It is totally legal to ask your supporters to help you so that Google can increase your ratings. One of the things you can do is to ask to follow your tweets on Twitter or to include your website in their search results. You can ask them to include a link to your website at a prominent place where people can view it.

–          For those who have subscribed or are regular visitors, you can optimize their searches so that you can gain their trust. One of the things you can do to optimize searches and social media for your regular visitors is to have more quality content, more follow-ups and headlines that are ‘less screaming.’

–          Make sure that the activities that you do online are bundled together. Instead of having blogging networks, you can have a single flagship blog.

–          Make sure that you have an authoritative presence in UGC sites. People usually click here but it would be good to make sure that you are not outranked. One of the websites you should be wary of is Wikipedia as they can easily outrank you.

–          Blogging as a group of writers is also recommended. If you have peers that you write common things with, you can come up with a blog network of different people and also come up with your own social media. This can give you a competitive edge over other established blogs, renowned brands, media outlets etc.

–          Avoid provoking others. This is what many people like doing in the name of getting people to follow. If you are not in agreement with someone else, just stick to your views.

–          Write so as to please the masses and not only a small group. You can attract large audiences by having interesting articles not only on particular niches, but covering a wide range of topics.

–          If possible, join large business platforms like EBay, LinkedIn etc.

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