DMOZ Website Submission

DMOZ – Submission Directory

Google usually rates very highly any listing that appears in DMOZ. This is good as it gives you a competitive edge over other competitors. One thing about DMOZ is that it an ‘.org’ website and thus, you will be ranked highly by Google.

DMOZ is offers manual directory submission for people who have websites. If you are interested in getting listed on DMOZ, you may want to read the following tips so that you can get :

–          Professionalism: Make sure that your website is professionally done. DMOZ have editors who have to review your website. If it gives brings out an effect of being professionally done, it increases your chances of being listed on it.

–          Content: The content of your website should be of quality and must be original. The content that is contained in the website should follow the theme of what you are doing.

–          Contact Information: Submission of your website to DMOZ will require that you give in your business and, other times, personal contacts so that if there is a client who is interested, they may be able to contact you. You can offer to give your phone number, physical address and email address.

–          Categorization: Submission of you website will also require that you place it in the correct or recommended category. If you are not sure, the editors of DMOZ will place in the category they feel is relevant.

–          Links and Grammar: Manual directory submission to DMOZ will require that you check that all links in your website are working properly. There should be no broken links on the website. Also, grammar and spelling should be correct so that people viewing may be able to understand.

–          Usability: Since DMOZ allows for free search engine submission, the ease with which one can use your website matters a lot. DMOZ editors will be impressed of users are able to spend time on your website with ease.

–          Patience: Since it offers free search engine submission to many websites in the world, you have to exercise patience as the editors have millions of URLs to view.

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