SEO Analysis Report

In this highly competitive arena of internet marketing staying at the top in the search engine ranking is extremely crucial.

What our SEO Critical Analysis would do is provide you with your website’s current visibility. We would analyze all the possible aspects that are affecting your site’s search engine ranking positions.  After working on the suggestions provided by us in the SEO report you would notice an increased visibility of your website. There would be some changes incorporated in the designing and programming aspects of your website to deliver the optimum results.

We would be analyzing the content as well as the overall architecture of your website. Choice of proper keywords for the content as well as the title and Meta tags are extremely crucial. We would be analyzing and suggesting changes on those aspects too. SEO is really a comprehensive field and there are many different area that need to be addressed like social media optimization, link building, validation from W3C (World Wide Web consortium), etc. We would also be taking care of all those facets.

Search engines tend to rank a website on various factors like the internal navigability of the website, the user-friendly layout of the webpage, presence of sitemap, the time taken by the website to load, etc. We will analyze on these components to give you the best possible results. In the SEO Critical Analysis Report, you would be able to judge your present status and identify the areas where there is room for improvement. Presence of broken links or excessive redundant internal links is absolute no-no in SEO. We will mention these aspects if they are present and also suggest methods on how to overcome them.

After getting the report you would realize the reasons behind the unsatisfactory rankings in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Our report generation is extremely prompt and within 24 hours you will get the details. If you order an UNLIMITED or a BUSINESS hosting package you can have this report totally free. The report is also freely available with any of our Search engine Submission add-ons.

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