Privacy and Security

The Need to Have Stringent Policies to Safeguard Our Clients’ Interests

With many online frauds and identity thefts doing the rounds today, we at Ferrowtech take all the requisite measures for ensuring online security and privacy.  We provide our webhosting services on dedicated servers where there is no scope of any data or information theft.  The various online security and privacy methods that we implement to ensure maximum security and privacy for your website and business will be discussed in the following segment of the article. A webmaster is required to provide the contact details like email address and name during the registration process.  This information would be utilised by us to intimate you regarding the various site services regarding which you had shown interest to us.

Our robust policies ensure that the information you provide us remains totally safe and secure. Internet privacy and security of our customers is of utmost importance to us and we do not outsource information that can individually identify a person to any third party unless there is a specific need. If such an instance arises we would definitely get in touch with you and take your valuable consent before moving ahead.  At various points Ferrowtech collects personally identifiable information from the website. While making a purchase if a person provides such info to us it remains totally secure and is not used for any other purpose apart from the one for which it has been provided. Ferrowtech does not share, sell, rent or distribute customer info in any form with external companies, persons, organizations or affiliates.

The personally identifiable information that needs to be provided at the time of making a purchase is the buyer’s name, address to be billed, email address, phone number, credit card info and shipping address.  All these info reach us via the shopping cart service and at the billing page where the payment gateways are located. All these info are required in order to process the order smoothly and if required to contact you. Only the info that is absolutely necessary to be shared is provided to the third parties connected with that particular processing. Our cyber security assessment and management team is always vigilant to find out any discrepancies or irregularities that might arise, though that rarely occurs. In order to fix any issues arising at the server end or to market and manage our website we might also note the IP address of your computer. IP address is helpful in identifying a person or a computer and also in tracking fraudulent financial transactions.

For providing better service we always do research and therein an IP address provides valuable demographic info of a customer. But you can be rest assured that no other info pertaining to you, like your email id, name, etc., is collected from your IP. Online security and privacy is as much of a concern to us as it is to you and we leave no stone unturned to achieve the highest standards in this context.  During the stages of installation, customization and that of integration your data might be used to access the FTP and the control panel.  But this info would not be used for any other purpose or shared with any third parties. After the website work is completed we suggest our clients to alter the FTP server info and the access codes to the admin to ensure maximum internet privacy and security. If we need to fix anything in future we would request for that info from you. For protection of all relevant info regarding our clients from loss, misuse or modification, secure serves are allotted for storing information.  Also stringent policies are in place to govern the handling of all such info.

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