Ferrowtech Legal Terms

Legal Terms of Our Company Clearly Outlined

As per the legal terms mentioned in the licence agreement the software is justified. Apart from what is mentioned in the licensing agreement we do not take any responsibility for any other conditions or warranties related with the software. This would include any implied warranty, merchantability conditions, fitness for any cause, non-infringement, and title.

The various elements present in Ferrowtech website are safeguarded by laws such as trade dress. They cannot be imitated or copied either entirely or partially without our explicit permission. Any such document and relevant graphics are given “AS IS” without any kind of warranty. Ferrowtech hereby disclaims any condition or warranty in relation to the information provided. This is inclusive of the merchantability conditions, implied warranties, fitness required for any purpose, non-infringement and title.   Under no condition will Ferrowtech be responsible for any indirect, special damages, or damages whatever arising due to usage loss, profits or data either in contract action, tortuous action, or negligence due to performance or use from our website.

It is understood that the name holder who is registered with us shall give Ferrowtech reliable and accurate contact details.  According to our legal terms these details need to be updated or corrected promptly in case of any discrepancy or change during the period of registration of the registered name. These would include your entire name, e-mail address, postal address, voice phone number, and fax number if procurable (of the registered name holder). Apart from these, other details would be name of the person authorised for contact requirements if the registered name holder happens to be that of an association, organization, or a corporation.

In case any information is purposefully provided unreliably or inaccurately, or if the information is not updated quickly, or in case of no response for more than 15 calendar days to our inquiries regarding the veracity of the contact details related with the registration process of the registered name holder, breach of the contract in between registrar and registered name holder would be said to have occurred.

Our other legal terms include protection regarding inaccuracies in published graphics and related documents on our website. Periodic changes are made to these in case any technical inaccuracy or typographic error is spotted.  Under no circumstance can we be held responsible for any kind of damages, consequential, special or indirect, caused due to any contract action, negligence/tortuous action, directly or indirectly created due to the software performance, documents, failure or provision of services, or the information availed from our website.

There are links present in this area to enable you to leave our site. The linked sites do not fall under our purview of legal terms and hence we are not responsible in any way for content present in those sites, or internal links within those sites, or any updates or modifications made to those websites. Ferrowtech is giving these links for your convenience and just because a link is present in our site does not imply that we are endorsing the linked site.

Trademarks: Ferrowtech.co.uk, its logo, as well as other names of products found on all these web pages with TM or R symbols are unregistered or registered trademarks of Ferrowtech or/and its suppliers. Any other names of products mentioned here might be trademarks of their corresponding owners. The content which is present on our site pages are all protected by copyright and one cannot use them in any other website or blog.

If you feel the need to clarify anything regarding legal terms definitions or legal terms and meanings, contact us with your questions and we would be happy to resolve those for you.

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