Secret SEO technique

A SEO Secret that is Often Overlooked – Internal Linking
Most of the people get unduly worried about how many websites actually provide links to their own sites which is known as external links.
But they actually overlook or undermine the importance of another effective and intelligent SEO technique which is right under their control.It is internal linking. By internal linking we mean the mechanism by which various pages are interlinked of a particular website through the presence of words or phrases existent on the other pages.

So the pages are properly interconnected and this makes the web pages of the entire site easily navigable by the search engine spiders. This is really a secret SEO trick and quite underrated. So when one embarks on the linking program this strategy definitely needs to be kept in mind. This is something which is entirely under your control and therefore maximum level of optimization with this secret SEO trick is attainable. In order to attain a high ranking in the searches conducted by the various engines it needs to be ensured that all the pages in the website are satisfactorily crawled and found by the spiders. Specific to a keyword a relevant webpage can be customized.

The Google Page rank will also be higher for these websites thereby creating a positive impression in the minds of the visitors to the website. There are different keyword phases that are typed in by the internet users and for a website to be popular the site needs to have a high rank for all the relevant searches. This is possible very effectively with internal linking.

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