iPhone Hosting Control Panel

iPhone Control Panel – Enabling Users to Manage Comprehensive Web Hosting Functions on the Move

With the help of an iPhone Control Panel customers can conveniently manage their web hosting activities. These various activities would include management of all the web hosting accounts, logging in to the WebMail, viewing the statistics shown by the analytics software, website restore & backup, etc. Consumers just need to go to their URL for the control panel and automatically iPhone usage would be spotted by the server. Customers would then get redirected to the dedicated and customised web-based environment that is existent in the iPhone. They can hence get a leverage of controlling the accounts used for web hosting purpose and their associated features from their mobiles.

Additionally customers are also able to view important system information like updates regarding system status, etc. They are able to easily install CGI scripts like WordPress and Joomla. Invoices can be easily viewed and you can set up scheduled tasks as per your needs. If you want to know more about a domain name, that can also be done by conducting a search on WHOIS.  Obviously, the number, availability and the functionality of the buttons of the control panel are dependent on the specific web hosting solution chosen. The features present are also optimised to fit the requirements of the display screen of the iPhone and its interface. Previously, one could have never imagined that managing a hosting account could be done so easily.

Other useful operations that can be performed from the regular available control panels are email address setup, software installation, database creation, auto-responder setup, efficient file management, and much more.  Web hosting companies who specialize in reseller hosting have launched the iPhone control Panel for the usage of resellers. They can easily use their iPhones   for managing the domain names of their clients as well as web hosting related accounts. The system status updates can also be viewed over here and control over the finances can be maintained accurately by having a look at the invoices on a regular basis. Apart from this the other normal functionalities available with a standard control panel are also present over here.

Not only has the iPhone emerged as an useful accessory for the customers availing web hosting services, it has also provided ample scope to the hosting companies to make the services provided more lucrative for control of cloud infrastructure, physical servers, or a mix of the two. Recently a robust and multi-featured control panel for remote web hosting designed for the iPhone has also been devised. This facilitates customers of dedicated servers to access the various administrative functions on the move. Customers can reboot their servers, view the charts representing the bandwidths provided, submit tickets (standard & priority), manage bills, and have a look at other server-related information.

Work is also going on to develop a console application for the iPhone. This application would monitor and manage the Amazon web services of a user (EC2 environment), from the phone. Thus administrators can easily access and control EC2 volumes and instances. One can also control snapshots, key pairs and addresses from the iPhone’s touch screen. Some managed hosting service providers also have also launched mobile portal that is tailored for Android-based phones from Google. One popular instance is the T-Mobile G1, and the BlackBerry gadgets.

Customers are now being able to be in charge of their servers with multifaceted functionalities with assistance of various products. The web interface that one uses over here bears resemblance with a desktop. With the rapid advancement of iPhone control panel technology it is certain that managing web hosting functions would become extremely simplified and user-friendly.

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