8 Predictions for SEO in 2010

1. Future of comprehensive searching on a real-time basis

Microsoft had initially beaten Google by declaring the integration of Twitter data with their SERPs. Google responded to this move by releasing an initial test version of their integration with Twitter which is not really fully geared up for prime time. Google is known for acting hastily to deter other organizations to come into press limelight. But this has really not done Google any good as usability and relevance of this new feature is far from acceptable. The scenario is similar to Infoseek, 1997, where to get the top position, one just needed to be the most recent person to post a Tweet regarding any topic. In 2010 the number of queries which would be displaying results on real time basis is expected to diminish.

2. Link graph from Twitter is a robust arrangement

Twitter is slowly eating into the domain of link graph. Google has tried to keep pace with Twitter regarding determination of relevance and popularity with their PageRank features. Twitter very recently launched its services for shortening URLs. However Google does not give importance to raw tweets/re-tweets. They have started implementing the calculations for judging the relevance and popularity of various sources and tweets that would be displayed on a real-time basis. Nowadays SEOs aim to use tweets as links to get SEO success. It is expected that tweets would retain their importance in assisting page-ranks in the near future.

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