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How Can These Sites Be Used in Conjunction with Social Networking Sites to Gain Exposure

Many people are not clearly aware of the difference that exists between a social bookmarking site and a social networking site.  Various content writers who are working on freelancing basis need to be aware of the sites that exist for the purpose of content promotion. The purpose of a social bookmarking site is to engage different users to participate in exchange of opinions and free interactions. These sites are better suited for marketing of links and articles, as compared to a social networking site. There are bookmarking sites like RedGage, Digg, etc. which egg on the readers to click on the fresh links and view the recommendations provided by other users.

The maximum efficacy of social bookmarking is obtained when the users take their valuable time to get acquainted with fellow members. There are sites which judge the popularity of an article from the number of votes that it receives from its readers/members. Hence it is important to stay in touch and know other users of the site. But in a social bookmarking site there are restrictions present on the number of items that can be posted by the users, which is a notable variation from the social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, etc. Things that are popularly shared on these social bookmarking sites are articles and links. But videos, personal messages, or pictures are not generally present.

There are many poplar social bookmarking sites present like Digg, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Fark, RedGage,, Propeller, SheToldMe, etc. It is always worth to devote some time on a regular basis to the various social bookmarking or social networking sites existent.

What is meant by social networking?

Communicating and interacting with different individuals present online is achieved through social networking. Users first need to create their own profiles by providing photos, links to favorite websites, information pertaining to their favorite cuisines, personalities, movies, social causes, books, cultural activities, awareness programs, etc. Users have the capability to view the profiles of other people provided they are given access. One can connect with the different forums and also post comments in the community chat-rooms. There however exist characteristic differences between the various social networking sites. Sites like Facebook or MySpace covers a wide range of aspects related to personal and professional spheres of the users. LinkedIn is more focused on the aspect of making corporate or business relationships.

MySpace was originally initiated with the aim of connecting the music bands with their fans, but later evolved to a social networking site catering to the interests of the younger generation.  If a person wants to restore old connections with school friends then Classmates is a very helpful site present. There is another site with the name of Buzznet where people with interest in rock and pop music can share their views and express their opinions. In order to fruitfully utilize the efforts and time invested behind social networking, a person needs to utilize it for a specific purpose rather than mere self-promotion. Just posting links without interacting with anyone else does not serve any purpose. Also these sites provide a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure but hardcore marketing or sales is never advised. Instead one should concentrate on building long term relationships and establishing credibility. Then subtle soft-selling can be done alongside.

Nowadays SEO experts as well as various internet marketing specialists are trying to capitalize on the power of exposure and visibility that is inherent in the social bookmarking and social networking sites. There are many bloggers and freelancers who need to share useful tricks and tips and these social media sites serve as the perfect platforms.

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