How to Find Links of Related Theme to Your Site

For website owners who may have been aware of the implications of theme relevance this should be a common question. It may not be necessary to start enumerating the advantages or otherwise of theme relevance here for it is assumed that for one to ask the above question he or she is already aware. Good link profile can make up for inadequacies in content optimization and other on-page flaws.

Now one can only say that it is an easy question. Many ways abound in which this can be done and they are as listed below:

1. Use your niche keywords to perform search in a couple of the of Google or Yahoo! Or some of the other more popular search engines. You go through the results obtained, compile a list of the relevant sites and form a spreadsheet; go ahead and repeat the process.

2. You can as well use link directories. These are directories of sites, put together by individuals, which are arranged in categories. A good example is DMOZ. Just find, inside any of these directories, the class in which your niche belongs and begin to search for the relevant partners.

3.  Another technique to use is to examine your competitors. These are those selling  the same thing as you in your site. Some other sites perhaps are linking to them Of course these links will be relevant to you. You can use the command, in Google, link: This gives a list of incoming links to your site but the problem here, if you are using Yahoo!, is that the list is limited to 1000 links per website but it gives more extensive and accurate data regarding the links.

You can as well find your links by excluding the internal links. This gives you external links only. It can be done by adding the modifier <XMP></XMP> to your query so that you can have < –site:</XMP>.

So, this can be done manually. Though it is time consuming, but finding quality link partners is important for the success of your site. If the above methods are not simple for you then contact us for any questions.

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