Does It Not Matter To Have Any Kind Of Links To A Site?

The answer is, it does. The above poser constitutes a great misconception that could easily jeopardize the chances of your site before search engines. About two or three years ago this ignorance could still bring some benefits but recently there is a whole lot of innovations from Google, for instance.

So if you do not reckon with theme relevance as a necessity, you better reconsider your stance. Presently, if you get several unrelated links pointing to your site, a lot of things might happen and they will never help your ranking one bit. The following is likely if not sure to happen to your site:

  • Google will compute your site ranking without considering these links. This is to say the least since it doesn’t lead to penalizing your site.
  • Google will, justifiably, assign your site a theme that is not the same as yours, for instance, sports, and it will handle it as if it belongs to that category. The implication is that, this site of yours will now be seen in search results that are sports-related and not in the results where it is intended to be found such as blue widget, for instance. Definitely this is not desirable.
  • Let’s look at the latest Google algorithm, dubbed ‘big daddy’, in this case Google will again justifiably decide that you are trying to trick search engines and will drop you from the index it has. That’s even harder.

Theme relevance, apart from popularity and reputation, is one of the key factors search engines are using to assist in site ranking for keywords and phrases being targeted. Relevance is governed by the theme of the sites and pages that link to the site. After counting the links pointing to your site the search engine tries to determine why they do so. In doing this it tends to find out whether the links are of related theme.

Also it will look at the on-site content elements of the page as well as page title tags, page keywords and the anchor text. A link with an important keyword in its anchor text is considered more valuable.

So, the simple calculation is to keep your site’s visitors in mind when embarking on campaigns of building links for your site. Reason with your visitors and think about their resources of interest. Try to reason whether they’ll be interested in casino, for instance, when you are dealing with blue widgets otherwise do not introduce a casino link.

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