How to Get Indexed in Google Fast

The following methods can be recommended for getting indexed fast in Google:

  1. Do not have any obvious monetization on the site, or AdSense, or uncloaked affiliate links, etc. This appears to slow down the process in most cases
  2. Pinging using pingler or some other pinging services. A good ping list for a WordPress blog will do the same job.
  3. Social bookmarking using OnlyWare, Social Bot or Bookmarking Demon. The following are social bookmarking sites;,,, and of course, among others.
  4. If you have an RSS feed, use RSSBot to distribute your feeds.
  5. Leave comments, devoid of spam, on high activity blogs using your URL. They need not be do-follow or in your niche, although it doesn’t matter. Post comments on other blogs, though small but a chance to know that your blog/site is relevant. Search for keywords in Google, open up the pages that appear in the first 5 to 10 pages and write good and relevant comments and insert a link to your site there. Chances are that traffic to your site increases thereby making it important. With the large number of forums in the internet chances are that they will consider your site important and help to get it indexed fast.

Other techniques that are no less important include the following:

6. Try to submit to multiple search engines. It’s possible these days to submit your website to multiple search engines for free. This will boost your rank by Google. Major search engines that can be used are Google, Yahoo!, Ask jeaves, Alexis, etc.

7. Do not submit your website without content. Ensure that you do not launch your site to search engines without some content in it. There should be something for them to index.

8. Also try and build good title and Meta tags. Google admires high quality title and Meta tags. There should be adequate keywords in Meta descriptions and your title contains solid keywords as well.

If these don’t work immediately, it is normal because sometimes the process can get you indexed in a short time, like an hour or a longer time like days or weeks.

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