What are the Meta tags that I should put in my website?

1. The Title tag – This tag is possibly the most critical component of your site for the purpose of evaluation as this part is searched by the various search engines most frequently. The tag should clearly describe the nature of your site and contain the prime keywords. “Dave’s Interior Designs- Decorating the Inside of England’s Homes”- is a very apt example.

2. The Keyword Tag – Those phrases or words which you think that people are most likely to type while searching for a website like yours in the search boxes should constitute the Meta Tag Keywords. The initial paragraphs of your website should contain as many Meta tags as possible and those should be included in the remainder of the content too. The keywords used for your website should specifically describe the theme of your website and also be sufficiently generalized for prospective customers to use those as criteria for searching in the various search engines. Domain name, Product name and Company name should be included within the keywords.

3. The Description Tag- This would contain the gist of your website. There should be keywords included in this tag. Absence of marketing jargons is preferred in this tag.

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