What is the purpose of a search engine?

For searching anything on the internet, online users take the help of search engines for getting their required solutions or answers. The web traffic types in the keywords for performing these searches in the search engine box/area. Depending upon the search criteria these keywords might be a single word or a phrase.

After receiving these keywords as input, the engines conduct extensive searches in the various online resources that are present with the help of their software for indexing. These are also known as “spiders” or “robots”. They crawl though the various online web pages and look for those requested keywords. Then based upon various parameters they display the search results in a listed manner. This kind of search is also known as an “organic search”.

These search engine robots are always on the lookout for new and updated content that comes up in the various existing websites or new websites. Whenever a new site emerges and is submitted to the search engine directories, indexing for that site automatically starts.

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  1. Jay says:

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